Did You Know?

There are 5 important decisions to consider when planning your forest project:

1.  Market:  Knowing the type of timber market to sell to in 10-20 years

2.  Soils:  Know the soil series that comprises the land base to identify a soils potential to supply water and nutrients necessary for tree growth

3.  Climate:  When choosing a seedling, consider the climate zone where the seedling will be planted.  The main weather elements that drive tree growth are:

Rainfall, temperature, frost-free days & length of growing season

4.  Silviculture:  Silvics refers to the know-how in managing the site of a given tree species.  Establishment is the science of:

Genetic selection for a site, matching site preparation treatments to the genetic selection and proving the protection treatments that produce high trajectory growth

5.  Genetics:  Improved genetic seedlings are the result of more than fifty years of breeding, testing and parent selection that targets:

Improved growth, straightness, fusiform rust resistance, and reduced forking


Did you know that– Ecosystem services are the processes and outputs of nature that are of direct benefit to humans.

Ecosystems Services are grouped into 4 broad categories:

Provisioning–the production of food, fiber, clean water, and other goods.

Regulating–ecosystems regulate climate/temperature, the spread of disease, and control rate, quality and output of water.

Supporting Services–such as soil formation, carbon sequestration, nutrient and waste recycling and pollination.

Cultural Services–educational, aesthetic, cultural heritage values of ecosystems, including tourism and recreation.



Did you know that in today’s world techno gadgets such as iphones, ipads, and the such are not the only things changing.  In the world of forestry, genetics is beginning to play a major part in what landowners buy to plant for future use.  Today when you purchase seedlings be sure to ask what the genetics are of the seedlings you are getting.  Nurseries can now supply you with such information as productivity rating, rust resistance grade, stem form and forking grade.  “BE SMART BEFORE YOU START”




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