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Decision Pyramid

Decision Pyramid


Market:  Knowing the type of timber market to sell to in 10-20 years is the first step in determining what to plant.

Soils:  Know the soil series that comprises the land base to identify a soils potential to supply water and nutrients necessary for tree growth.  Also identify soil limitations that must be improved during site preparation.

Climate:  When choosing a seedling, consider the climate zone where the seedling will be planted.  The main weather elements that drive tree growth are:  rainfall, temperature, frost-free days, & length of growing season.

Silviculture:  Silvics refers to the know-how in managing the site of a given tree species.

Genetics:  Improved genetic seedlings are the result of more than fifty years of breeding, testing and parent selection that targets: improved growth, straightness, fusiform rust resistance and reduced forking.

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The North Carolina State Tree Improvement Program makes a difference in the lives of forest landowners in the Southern United States.

The NC State University Tree Improvement Program breeds trees that increase the productivity and value of forests for today and the next generation.



Performance Rating System was developed by NCSU Cooperative Tree Improvement Program (NCSUCTIP) as a service to landowners, nursery managers, the tree improvement community, and loblolly pine breeders.  PRS™ also stands for Productivity, Rust, and Straightness which are the three traits that are evaluated in all genetic trails.  The PRS™ expresses the genetic potential of a family for stem volume production, resistance to fusiform rust disease, and stem straightness.

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Paper is a biodegradable, renewable, sustainable  product made from trees. Growing and harvesting trees provides jobs  for millions of men and women, and managed forests are good for the environment,  providing clean  air, clean water, wildlife habitat and carbon storage.

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